Preparing for summer on the job

The temperatures are rising, especially in the Gulf South states of Louisiana, Texas, Alabama and Mississippi where humidity can add to the stress of the heat. As summer officially begins, Greenup Industries is taking time to consider the working conditions of some of our team members on-site at refineries across these states. Here are a few tips for staying cool on the job if you're mainly spending your time outside. 

Don't let yourself get thirsty - Staying hydrated is a huge deal and will help prevent heat exhaustion. Make sure to have a water bottle or access to water at all times. Once you're thirsty, you've already let yourself become dehydrated. Keep your water bottle close and sip frequently. 

Hydrate before you even leave for work - It is highly recommended to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning and before getting into bed at night. Drink plenty of water and hydrating drinks leading up to work. This will help ensure that you do not become dehydrated and are at less risk of become overheated. 

Stay in shaded areas as often as you can - Sure, you're not always in a place where you can be shaded from the sun, but limiting exposure to direct sunlight and remaining aware of your surroundings will help you. Examine your surroundings and find the areas you can rest in where the sun is less likely to bare down on you. 

Avoid or limit caffeinated drinks - As a natural diuretic, it is often suggested to avoid or limit caffeine consumption when spending large amounts of time outdoors in the sun. Increased water loss occurs when consuming drinks like coffee or caffeinated sodas. 

Take snack and drink breaks as needed - If your job requires sweat inducing physical labor, staying up on your electrolytes and energy are absolutely essential! Drinking something like gatorade and having healthy snacks like nuts and fruit will help replenish the loss of electrolytes. 

As we stress regularly, Greenup Industries takes safety very seriously and that includes keeping individuals healthy and safe on the job. We want to do as much as possible to ensure that our employees and team members are able to perform their jobs comfortably and without risks to their health. These are only a few ways to help ensure that safety. Talk to a team member about our safety standards or take a look at the services we provide through Greenup Industries and Greenup Specialty Services


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