Safety in our work and across the Gulf South

The safety regulations at any refinery are extremely important and directly correlated to a staff's level of danger. Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf South is home to a large number of refineries, meaning there are thousands of workers who are at risk of injury for several hours a day. It is our job to make sure our people are safe and Greenup Industries puts safety at the forefront of every job we work on. 

There are inherent risks present in the industrial industry that must not be overlooked. It takes detail oriented, meticulous teams to provide the proper environment for those working in the refining industry, which is why you don't often hear of major accidents or disasters on sites. Extensive procedures are conducted to manage potential risks all the while keeping operations running smoothly for all workers and the communities that surround these sites. 

Because of the high safety standards, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports:

  • Refining is one of the safest industrial activities in the US, with fewer worker injuries than sectors such as education, retail sales, and financial services
  • The rate of non-fatal injuries among U.S. refinery workers declined by 36% between 2003 and 2011
  • efiners operate under extensive self-imposed safety measures designed to provide maximum protection to our communities

Greenup Industries has been recognized for its efforts to keep safety standards a top priority in all of our work and this would not be possible without our team of experts working in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and California. The oil and gas industry could be so much more dangerous, but with crews like ours, negative statistics are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Connect with Greenup Industries for more information about jobs, maintenance services and specialty services

Greenup Industries Chosen as CEO Roundtable Participant


Greenup Industries is one of the 20 companies chosen to participate in Louisiana Economic Development's CEO Roundtables. Over the past month and a half, Louisiana Economic Development (LED) convened a regional vetting committee to review the CEO Roundtable applications received for participation in the Southeast roundtable in fiscal year 2017.

Out of nearly 50 high-quality applications in the region, The committee for this initiative by the Louisiana Economic Development selected 20 companies, including Greenup Industries. As a company that has experienced immense growth in just a few short years, we are very proud of this accomplishment and would like to acknowledge our entire team for making our business one to be recognized. 

The purpose of the CEO roundtables is to bring together diverse groups of 15 to 18 qualified, key decision-makers 10 times a year for peer-to-peer learning, business networking, and support. These collaborative, growth-oriented meetings support a trusting environment in which key decision-makers can safely explore business and personal issues. The roundtables are problem-solving sessions that address issues important to the participants. The Southeast Regional CEORoundtable Series (FY’16-‘17) will be supported by GNO, Inc., facilitated by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and moderated by Mark Lewis.

More about the CEO Roundtables: 

Louisiana Economic Development's CEO Roundtables bring together groups of 15 to 18 key decision makers from Louisiana-based small businesses 10 times over the course of a year for collaborative, growth-oriented roundtable sessions that support a trusting environment in which CEOs can safely explore business and personal issues with the guidance of experienced facilitators. Participation in the roundtables provides access to numerous benefits, including:

  • Peer-to-peer learning through discussion, interaction and the sharing of experiences that allow participants to learn from each other’s achievements and mistakes.
  • Support through highly qualified facilitators, expert guest speakers and connection to various small business resources.
  • More on the LED site

Past testimonials from Roundtable participants: 

“The CEO Roundtable delivered a platform to listen, learn and interact with fellow business leaders. Here, we could openly discuss real issues we all encountered in operating our businesses and find solutions to bring it to the next level. The CEO Roundtable is a valuable resource that has given me actionable items I was able utilize to continue to grow my business.” – Kerry W. Kirby, 365 Connect, LLC

“I enjoyed and benefitted from the collaborative culture of the CEO Roundtable meetings. Core business issues are shared, both achievements and setbacks, in a confidential environment among a group of inspired, diverse, executives focused on their unique take on the American dream.” – Roger Juneau, General Hearing Instruments, Inc.

“The New Orleans CEO Roundtable has helped me broaden my exposure to “Big Business” ideas, from a variety of business fields. As a small business owner I am constantly involved in the day-to- day operations of the company with little time to keep up with the ever-changing technology and resources. The New Orleans networking opportunity has given me exposure to how other small businesses are dealing with changing technology, finances, and business issues. The greatest reward from the Roundtable has been having a sounding board of peers to work with and help implement ideas in my day to day business.” – Jill Foxworth, Dependable Glass Works, Inc.

We are honored to have been selected to be part of this cohort and can't wait to connect with other business leaders and decision-makers who are doing great things in our state. 

Rodney Greenup joins LA Governor-Elect

Louisiana Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards will take office on January 11 with major plans to improve on economic development issues. 

According to The Advocate Capitol News Bureau, Edwards’ transition team announced late in November that Edwards has a group he will work closely with to provide recommendations on economic development issues. Some of these issues include jobs training, research and development at colleges and universities and workforce development.

“Louisiana has always had a strong workforce and we need to ensure this workforce is attractive to diverse industries, while also responsibly incentivizing business and industry to invest in our state,” Edwards said in a statement. “This committee is critical to our long-term economic stability, and I’m confident they’ll help me develop a plan that is mutually beneficial to the citizens of Louisiana and industry.”

Greenup Industries President, Rodney Greenup is among the list of standout community leaders who will join Edwards in this major endeavor.  Rodney has more than two decades of experience in the planning and development of civil works projects, both with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) as a Project Manager and other local resource agencies that assess environmental project impacts and mitigation. As the president of Gulf South Engineering and Testing and Greenup Industries, both MBE companies (Minority Owned), he has solid expertise and leadership to offer when the team commences work on improving development issues in the state of Louisiana.

At Greenup Industries, we have seen Rodney's strong ability to lead a business to major growth and are excited to see what he and the rest of the noteworthy leaders on the team will come up with to better the state of Louisiana's economic development. 

To learn more, read The Capitol News Bureau's article. For more information about the services Greenup Industries provides throughout the Gulf South, review our list of services


Safety and Trust

At Greenup Industries, we are constantly reiterating to our clients the importance of safety on the job. Refinery work can be very high risk and that is why we put our employees through rigorous training before we send them out to begin work on-site. The safety and health of our employees is always at the forefront of what we do at Greenup Industries. Here are a few key practices in ensuring our team is always safe.


In compliance with federal and state safety regulations, the refineries we partner with operate under strict safety measures in addition to those already imposed by federal and local regulations. This allows for the most effective production and safest environment for our team. Some of the measures taken include include:

  • Extensive safety training of employees and contractors

  • Reliable use of proper site equipment

  • Regular practice of safety and emergency procedures

  • Constant communication with staff and partners to ensure all production processes are aligned

  • Weekly inspections and maintenance repairs to equipment and machinery

  • Plan of action in response to safety concerns or hazards identified by Greenup Industries team on-site


While we continue to push these strict safety practices and maximize our commitment to keeping our staff out of harm’s way, our goal is to build trust with our most important partners. Contact Greenup Industries to learn more about our work at refineries across the Gulf South and beyond. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



News from Greenup Industries May 2015


In May the Gulf Coast Safety Council awarded Greenup Industries a Safety Excellence Award for completing more than 25,000 hours of safety operations in 2014.

Safety Excellence Award Greenup Industries 

We are very honored and proud of the Greenup Staff for constantly putting safety standards first in the work we do each day.


The hours recognized were completed the by Greenup Specialty Services employees in the plant where each employee previously received in-depth training by our experts. Safety procedures are at the top of Greenup Industries employees’ minds when working at plants across the Gulf South.

Greenup Industries staff would like to recognize the achievement of Niva "Becky" Murillo, our site manager, who graduated from the New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute program last week. Congratulations, Becky!


NORLI participants get an unparalleled opportunity to meet with the region’s leaders and experts during their one-year experience. The year begins with a two-day opening retreat, followed by seven educational sessions held throughout the 10-parish area. 

Participants hear from the area’s leaders on a number of important topics from education - to crime - to the environment. It is a unique classroom experience that provides insights about the important issues facing our community. We are excited that this experience will allow Becky to continue to succeed in her role and bring new ideas to Greenup Industries.

 The Greenup labor crew is growing! We provide trained and qualified labor to support, clean and monitor rotating equipment, pumps and other machinery inside refining units. Our staff of nearly one dozen men and women is doing great work.


Greenup Industries now accepts employment applications online. Skip the trip to our office and submit your application for employment through our website. Our Human Resources team will receive and evaluate, then contact you. 

Find the application here: Greenup Employment Application 2015


The Complexities of Instrumentation

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As Greenup Industries begins to introduce instrumentation services to clients across the Gulf South, we find ourselves answering questions about instrumentation and the duties technicians take on. As experts in the industry, our trainees learn the ins and outs of the daily tasks onsite.

Instrumentation technicians are responsible for monitoring changes in the environment and atmosphere surrounding areas and buildings on-site. Using an assortment of instruments, instrumentation technicians record and report the changes they find. Greenup Industries takes instrument technicians for these jobs that require complex understanding and responsibility at refineries.

There is more to instrumentation than just understanding what tools to use and when. The responsibilities of an instrumentation technician include testing, calibration, installation, repair and inspection. Completing maintenance on equipment, which includes checking meters, measurements and is also required, as well as control. Control requires that the tecnician manipulate measured variables through automated systems, such as temperature, pressure and flow.

The responsibilities of an instrumentation technician are absolutely vital to process and production at an oil refinery. Troubleshooting and monitoring such complex processes onsite ensures that everything runs smoothly and everyone around is safe. This job is essential to each refinery's and petrochemical plants ongoing success. The day-to-day duties of an instrumentation technician's role is at the forefront of overall production.

A career in operations in maintenance will afford you the opportunity to advance your professional development in an industry that experiences groundbreaking projects every day. Contact Greenup Industries for more information about our instrumentation services now offered throughout the Gulf South and opportunities in the field.




Greenup Industries introduces new petrochemical services in the Gulf South


Grangemouth Petrochemical Plant
Photo courtesy of Walk Magazine

Greenup Industries has been working hard over the last year to expand and offer new opportunities and services in the Gulf South region. We are very excited to announce that the hard work of the Greenup team has made it possible for us to include instrumentation and electrical control maintenance and more recently, industrial cleaning in our wide range of services in the petrochemical industry.

Through our new focus on instrumentation, the experts at Greenup Industries are servicing and training staff on working with temperature indicators, pressure measurement, flow meters, level sensors and analysis instruments. This process includes rigorous safety and technical training from personnel with more than 25 years providing problem solving and technical solutions to large-scale refineries in Louisiana and Alabama.

Working with a reliable petrochemical instrumentation service team, like Greenup Industries, brings reliability to your plant. Performance is a key driver in production and profitability for your business. The Greenup team understands the safety measures that must be included in production to carry out instrumentation processes with ease and efficiency.

Likewise, we are excited to provide the same quality of service in industrial cleaning to oil refineries and plants in the Gulf South region. Greenup Industries uses technology-based cleaning measures to provide services that improve housekeeping in order to prevent damage and fouling from happening.

Our maintenance personnel are trained to work safely and efficiently in plants located throughout Louisiana. We are dedicated to providing the South with a full range of petrochemical services.

The scope of these newly added services will be available at in late spring 2015. We offer a broad range of services and ensure delivery of the best implementation practices in the petrochemical industry. Contact Greenup Industries for more information about these new services or call us about procurement, on-boarding solutions, maintenance and staffing.

Proper training can prevent railroad accidents like these

Photo: KCEN

In late March, about a dozen train cars traveling through Central Texas were involved in a derailment resulting in industrial solvent leaking from a tanker. A couple states away, another derailment occurred in northern Colorado, which resulted in coal being dumped from over two dozen train cars.

While the BNSF Railway spokesmen could not report the exact cause of these derailments, he was able to report that not injuries occurred.

While no one was hurt, homes had to be evacuated as a safety precaution and railways had to be shut down.

These types of accidents should not be taken lightly and while some accidents happen, it is important to emphasize the importance of safety training and regulations pertaining to railroads in the oil and gas industry.

These trains were carrying flammable liquid and about 7,000 gallons of the liquid was spilled because of this accident. In Colorado, the tracks were closed indefinitely for a period of time.

The Railroad Commission is a crucial part of the oil and gas industry and though the oil and gas division, regulations are in place for transportation of materials and liquids that could be cause harm if not handled properly.

Staff who are onboarded by Greenup Industries are well-trained in transportation and know how to properly conduct daily track inspections to ensure the safety of workers and the environment while materials are in transit. Contact Greenup Industries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 504-491-8998 to hire professionals for your site's inspections.

OSHA Brings Training to the Next Level

The processes oil and gas refineries conduct daily requires some of the highest safety standards. Greenup Industries’ highest priority is to uphold these standards for the safety of employees, the environment and quality of work.

We make sure all the employees we train to work at oil and gas refineries across the Gulf South are well versed in safety regulations, so that they do not put themselves, others or the environment in danger.

In 2014, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) launched the Hazard Identification Training Tool. This is an interactive training tool in the form of an online game. Workers can learn core concepts of identifying hazards in the workplace by using this tool. What makes it effective is that it allows users to picture themselves in the scenarios and identify right processes from wrong. 

Workplace dangers are not to be taken lightly and while the game is not tailored to just jobs in the oil and gas industry, it does a great job of outlining the importance of safety in industrial workplaces.

Here is an oil and gas simulation video made to increase awareness, education, and safety in the oil and gas industry. Watch here. Safety is our number one priority when training newcomers to refinery work in the Gulf South. Contact Greenup Industries to get the best in onboarding and training services for your refineries in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Call our team at 504.491.8998 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The Railroad Commission’s Oil & Gas Regulations

The Railroad Commission is a prominent and crucial part of the oil & gas industry. Through the Oil and Gas Division, regulations for production, exploration and transportation are set concerning oil and natural gas. Greenup Industries is well-educated in these regulations and trains staff in-depth to guarantee that each on-site Greenup employee performs daily track inspections carefully with advanced equipment to prevent accidents.

Railway accidents are primarily caused by human error, which is why the Railroad Commission has been around for over 100 years and which is why the procured staff at any refinery must understand the complexities of railways and the regulations of the Railroad Commission.

Often times, because of the intricacies of oil and gas production, companies procure staff to conduct these necessary inspections. Because of this, the Railroad Commission oversees the oil and gas industry’s proceedings including activities concerning rail, pipeline, lp-gas safety, reclamation and surface mining and alternative fuels.

The Railroad Commission coordinates with companies in these areas and chooses staff for each tasks based on compliance with the regulations set out to protect against error.

In the Gulf South, where the oil and gas industry primarily lives, the Railroad Commission’s regulations are an especially prominent part of training staff to conduct successful track inspections.

Our staff working at refineries in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are extremely well-prepared to perform daily track inspections to ensure safety for on-site staff and to protect the environment and surroundings from any catastrophic occurrences. Contact Greenup at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 504-491-8998 to hire professionals for your site’s inspections.

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