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  • Greenup Industries awarded Supplier of the Year

    Greenup Industries was recently awarded the Supplier of the Year award for Tier III at The Gateway Impact Awards Ceremony for 2016.


    Rodney Greenup, President and CEO of Greenup Industries accepted the award at The 2016 Gateway Impact Awards Ceremony in August. The Gateway Impact Award Ceremony celebrates outstanding certified MBE partnerships with member corporations. Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) businesses are nominated by member corporations and compete in the competition for the “Supplier of the Year” award in four major categories, determined by MBEs’ gross annual sales. The local competition hosted by the Southern Region Minority Supplier Development Council considers MBE certified businesses in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas. 

    Local winners receive awards, prestigious business scholarships, special recognition and compete in the regional and national competition for the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) “Supplier of the Year” award.

    The SRMSDC is the only council providing nationally recognized ethnic minority business certification (MBE) in the Gulf south states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.  The SRMSDC certifies MBEs and connects them with corporate members representing many of America's largest publicly and privately owned companies.

    Greenup Industries is proud to be an MBE certified business serving the Gulf South. Being recognized and award for the work our team does is an incredible honor and we thank the Southern Regional Minority Supplier Diversity Council for considering our efforts. 

     Gateway award

  • Greenup Industries earns Safety Excellence Award

    The Greenup Industries team was recently recognized by one of our valued clients for achievements in safety. Our diligent team was awarded the Contractor Safety Excellence Award by one of Greenup Industries valued clients.  

    The Contractor Safety Excellence Award recognizes exemplary site safety performance and Goal Zero leadership. We are proud of our team for continuing to raise the bar when it comes to safety! The criteria for receiving the award includes remaining Injury and OSHA Recordable Free in 2016. 


    Pictured from Left to Right: Client HSSE Manager, Greenup HSE Manager Jill Jasmin, Client Plant Manager, Greenup Site Manager Orlando Lumar, Client Contractor Manager, Greenup Compliance Director Macarthur Webster, Client Contractor Manager.

    This award is not the first of its kind for the Greenup team. We reitirate the importance of safety in the field. Our people are valued above all else and make our company one to watch. We are proud to continually raise the bar in safety standards and will continue to prioritize the protection and well-being of the men and women we work with, train and place on-site. 

    The Greenup team specializes in facility maintenance along the Gulf Coast in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas. To ensure safety in your facility, contact Greenup Industries to work with us, hire us or join our team.

  • Preparing for summer on the job

    The temperatures are rising, especially in the Gulf South states of Louisiana, Texas, Alabama and Mississippi where humidity can add to the stress of the heat. As summer officially begins, Greenup Industries is taking time to consider the working conditions of some of our team members on-site at refineries across these states. Here are a few tips for staying cool on the job if you're mainly spending your time outside. 

    Don't let yourself get thirsty - Staying hydrated is a huge deal and will help prevent heat exhaustion. Make sure to have a water bottle or access to water at all times. Once you're thirsty, you've already let yourself become dehydrated. Keep your water bottle close and sip frequently. 

    Hydrate before you even leave for work - It is highly recommended to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning and before getting into bed at night. Drink plenty of water and hydrating drinks leading up to work. This will help ensure that you do not become dehydrated and are at less risk of become overheated. 

    Stay in shaded areas as often as you can - Sure, you're not always in a place where you can be shaded from the sun, but limiting exposure to direct sunlight and remaining aware of your surroundings will help you. Examine your surroundings and find the areas you can rest in where the sun is less likely to bare down on you. 

    Avoid or limit caffeinated drinks - As a natural diuretic, it is often suggested to avoid or limit caffeine consumption when spending large amounts of time outdoors in the sun. Increased water loss occurs when consuming drinks like coffee or caffeinated sodas. 

    Take snack and drink breaks as needed - If your job requires sweat inducing physical labor, staying up on your electrolytes and energy are absolutely essential! Drinking something like gatorade and having healthy snacks like nuts and fruit will help replenish the loss of electrolytes. 

    As we stress regularly, Greenup Industries takes safety very seriously and that includes keeping individuals healthy and safe on the job. We want to do as much as possible to ensure that our employees and team members are able to perform their jobs comfortably and without risks to their health. These are only a few ways to help ensure that safety. Talk to a team member about our safety standards or take a look at the services we provide through Greenup Industries and Greenup Specialty Services


  • Rodney Greenup joins LA Governor-Elect

    Louisiana Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards will take office on January 11 with major plans to improve on economic development issues. 

    According to The Advocate Capitol News Bureau, Edwards’ transition team announced late in November that Edwards has a group he will work closely with to provide recommendations on economic development issues. Some of these issues include jobs training, research and development at colleges and universities and workforce development.

    “Louisiana has always had a strong workforce and we need to ensure this workforce is attractive to diverse industries, while also responsibly incentivizing business and industry to invest in our state,” Edwards said in a statement. “This committee is critical to our long-term economic stability, and I’m confident they’ll help me develop a plan that is mutually beneficial to the citizens of Louisiana and industry.”

    Greenup Industries President, Rodney Greenup is among the list of standout community leaders who will join Edwards in this major endeavor.  Rodney has more than two decades of experience in the planning and development of civil works projects, both with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) as a Project Manager and other local resource agencies that assess environmental project impacts and mitigation. As the president of Gulf South Engineering and Testing and Greenup Industries, both MBE companies (Minority Owned), he has solid expertise and leadership to offer when the team commences work on improving development issues in the state of Louisiana.

    At Greenup Industries, we have seen Rodney's strong ability to lead a business to major growth and are excited to see what he and the rest of the noteworthy leaders on the team will come up with to better the state of Louisiana's economic development. 

    To learn more, read The Capitol News Bureau's article. For more information about the services Greenup Industries provides throughout the Gulf South, review our list of services


  • Shell, Motiva honor Greenup Industries

    Greenup Industries is honored to receive a safety award from the Norco Manufacturing Complex through Shell and Motiva Enterprises LLC. 

    The award recognized Greenup employees for their outstanding safety and performance of over 120,000 man-hours completed without an injury in 2016.

    “We are honored to be a part of the complex’s history and its ongoing commitment to St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, and the surrounding Gulf Coast region,” said Rodney Greenup, president of Greenup Industries. “Greenup 100 percent supports the complex’s sustained pledge to operate safely, reliably and environmentally sound.”

    Read more about this prestigious honor at BIC Magazine

    BIC May 2017 112

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  • 100,000+ man hours of safe work
  • 2015 Contractor Safety Award presented by C.A.S.T.
  • Greenup Industries is a Louisiana Licensed Contractor - #60810