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  • Greenup Industries awarded Supplier of the Year

    Greenup Industries was recently awarded the Supplier of the Year award for Tier III at The Gateway Impact Awards Ceremony for 2016.


    Rodney Greenup, President and CEO of Greenup Industries accepted the award at The 2016 Gateway Impact Awards Ceremony in August. The Gateway Impact Award Ceremony celebrates outstanding certified MBE partnerships with member corporations. Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) businesses are nominated by member corporations and compete in the competition for the “Supplier of the Year” award in four major categories, determined by MBEs’ gross annual sales. The local competition hosted by the Southern Region Minority Supplier Development Council considers MBE certified businesses in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas. 

    Local winners receive awards, prestigious business scholarships, special recognition and compete in the regional and national competition for the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) “Supplier of the Year” award.

    The SRMSDC is the only council providing nationally recognized ethnic minority business certification (MBE) in the Gulf south states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.  The SRMSDC certifies MBEs and connects them with corporate members representing many of America's largest publicly and privately owned companies.

    Greenup Industries is proud to be an MBE certified business serving the Gulf South. Being recognized and award for the work our team does is an incredible honor and we thank the Southern Regional Minority Supplier Diversity Council for considering our efforts. 

     Gateway award

  • Greenup Industries Chosen as CEO Roundtable Participant


    Greenup Industries is one of the 20 companies chosen to participate in Louisiana Economic Development's CEO Roundtables. Over the past month and a half, Louisiana Economic Development (LED) convened a regional vetting committee to review the CEO Roundtable applications received for participation in the Southeast roundtable in fiscal year 2017.

    Out of nearly 50 high-quality applications in the region, The committee for this initiative by the Louisiana Economic Development selected 20 companies, including Greenup Industries. As a company that has experienced immense growth in just a few short years, we are very proud of this accomplishment and would like to acknowledge our entire team for making our business one to be recognized. 

    The purpose of the CEO roundtables is to bring together diverse groups of 15 to 18 qualified, key decision-makers 10 times a year for peer-to-peer learning, business networking, and support. These collaborative, growth-oriented meetings support a trusting environment in which key decision-makers can safely explore business and personal issues. The roundtables are problem-solving sessions that address issues important to the participants. The Southeast Regional CEORoundtable Series (FY’16-‘17) will be supported by GNO, Inc., facilitated by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and moderated by Mark Lewis.

    More about the CEO Roundtables: 

    Louisiana Economic Development's CEO Roundtables bring together groups of 15 to 18 key decision makers from Louisiana-based small businesses 10 times over the course of a year for collaborative, growth-oriented roundtable sessions that support a trusting environment in which CEOs can safely explore business and personal issues with the guidance of experienced facilitators. Participation in the roundtables provides access to numerous benefits, including:

    • Peer-to-peer learning through discussion, interaction and the sharing of experiences that allow participants to learn from each other’s achievements and mistakes.
    • Support through highly qualified facilitators, expert guest speakers and connection to various small business resources.
    • More on the LED site

    Past testimonials from Roundtable participants: 

    “The CEO Roundtable delivered a platform to listen, learn and interact with fellow business leaders. Here, we could openly discuss real issues we all encountered in operating our businesses and find solutions to bring it to the next level. The CEO Roundtable is a valuable resource that has given me actionable items I was able utilize to continue to grow my business.” – Kerry W. Kirby, 365 Connect, LLC

    “I enjoyed and benefitted from the collaborative culture of the CEO Roundtable meetings. Core business issues are shared, both achievements and setbacks, in a confidential environment among a group of inspired, diverse, executives focused on their unique take on the American dream.” – Roger Juneau, General Hearing Instruments, Inc.

    “The New Orleans CEO Roundtable has helped me broaden my exposure to “Big Business” ideas, from a variety of business fields. As a small business owner I am constantly involved in the day-to- day operations of the company with little time to keep up with the ever-changing technology and resources. The New Orleans networking opportunity has given me exposure to how other small businesses are dealing with changing technology, finances, and business issues. The greatest reward from the Roundtable has been having a sounding board of peers to work with and help implement ideas in my day to day business.” – Jill Foxworth, Dependable Glass Works, Inc.

    We are honored to have been selected to be part of this cohort and can't wait to connect with other business leaders and decision-makers who are doing great things in our state. 

  • OSHA Brings Training to the Next Level

    The processes oil and gas refineries conduct daily requires some of the highest safety standards. Greenup Industries’ highest priority is to uphold these standards for the safety of employees, the environment and quality of work.

    We make sure all the employees we train to work at oil and gas refineries across the Gulf South are well versed in safety regulations, so that they do not put themselves, others or the environment in danger.

    In 2014, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) launched the Hazard Identification Training Tool. This is an interactive training tool in the form of an online game. Workers can learn core concepts of identifying hazards in the workplace by using this tool. What makes it effective is that it allows users to picture themselves in the scenarios and identify right processes from wrong. 

    Workplace dangers are not to be taken lightly and while the game is not tailored to just jobs in the oil and gas industry, it does a great job of outlining the importance of safety in industrial workplaces.

    Here is an oil and gas simulation video made to increase awareness, education, and safety in the oil and gas industry. Watch here. Safety is our number one priority when training newcomers to refinery work in the Gulf South. Contact Greenup Industries to get the best in onboarding and training services for your refineries in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Call our team at 504.491.8998 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



  • Shell, Motiva honor Greenup Industries

    Greenup Industries is honored to receive a safety award from the Norco Manufacturing Complex through Shell and Motiva Enterprises LLC. 

    The award recognized Greenup employees for their outstanding safety and performance of over 120,000 man-hours completed without an injury in 2016.

    “We are honored to be a part of the complex’s history and its ongoing commitment to St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, and the surrounding Gulf Coast region,” said Rodney Greenup, president of Greenup Industries. “Greenup 100 percent supports the complex’s sustained pledge to operate safely, reliably and environmentally sound.”

    Read more about this prestigious honor at BIC Magazine

    BIC May 2017 112

  • The Importance of Commercial Lawn Care

    In Southern Louisiana and across the South, winter often means we don’t have to focus much energy on lawn care. When considering your commercial business, first impressions are too important, so just because the freezing temperatures we’ve recently had have given us an excuse to focus our efforts on the inside, doesn’t mean we should start planning for the spring. Remember, the first thing clients and customers see when they arrive at your business is the exterior and getting your lawn maintenance booked for next season is a great way to kick off warmers days in the South.

    Importance of Lawn Care Planning

    The way clients and visitors perceive your business can make or break your success. An office/building with properly maintained landscaping ensures positive first impressions to clients and their networks. Those who see a well-maintained exterior will view your business as professional, which only fosters a sense of trust. Whatever services or offerings your business handles, if people see you take pride in the appearance of your business, you want them to think high quality.

    westcoast commercial landscaping

    As always, safety is at the top of our minds at Greenup Industries. When landscaping is unkempt, this poses potential danger to those going through your doors. Taking care of your lawn and landscaping means taking care of your staff, clients and potential customers.

    Save Money
    When you work with a lawn and landscaping business, like Greenup Specialty Services, you’ll get a professional opinion on what your business needs. Working with professionals to establish a budget and recurring maintenance allows you to save money long term. Work with Greenup Specialty Services to determine which types of plants, trees, and other foliage work best in your climate and terrain to avoid having to replace them later. Greenup Specialty Services can discuss and work with you on how to implement a design that works best for your business.

    Establish a Landscape Management Plan
    There are plenty of benefits to establishing a landscape management plan. In addition to the aforementioned, a plan establishes a routine for the commercial landscape maintenance care. This will help you and the property owners prepare for the upcoming seasons and anticipate what type of work needs to be done to keep the outside neat and manicured. A wonderful benefit to having a plan is that you can work with the lawn care service providers to adapt and better the landscaping over time, allowing for strategic cultivation that increases property value.

    commercial landscaping

    Greenup Industries is a full service maintenance provider in the the South Louisiana region and across the Gulf South and in Walnut Creek, California. Greenup Industries can help you prepare or fix issues concerning your plumbing. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 225-283-4843.

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  • 100,000+ man hours of safe work
  • 2015 Contractor Safety Award presented by C.A.S.T.
  • Greenup Industries is a Louisiana Licensed Contractor - #60810