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  • Greenup Industries Chosen as CEO Roundtable Participant


    Greenup Industries is one of the 20 companies chosen to participate in Louisiana Economic Development's CEO Roundtables. Over the past month and a half, Louisiana Economic Development (LED) convened a regional vetting committee to review the CEO Roundtable applications received for participation in the Southeast roundtable in fiscal year 2017.

    Out of nearly 50 high-quality applications in the region, The committee for this initiative by the Louisiana Economic Development selected 20 companies, including Greenup Industries. As a company that has experienced immense growth in just a few short years, we are very proud of this accomplishment and would like to acknowledge our entire team for making our business one to be recognized. 

    The purpose of the CEO roundtables is to bring together diverse groups of 15 to 18 qualified, key decision-makers 10 times a year for peer-to-peer learning, business networking, and support. These collaborative, growth-oriented meetings support a trusting environment in which key decision-makers can safely explore business and personal issues. The roundtables are problem-solving sessions that address issues important to the participants. The Southeast Regional CEORoundtable Series (FY’16-‘17) will be supported by GNO, Inc., facilitated by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and moderated by Mark Lewis.

    More about the CEO Roundtables: 

    Louisiana Economic Development's CEO Roundtables bring together groups of 15 to 18 key decision makers from Louisiana-based small businesses 10 times over the course of a year for collaborative, growth-oriented roundtable sessions that support a trusting environment in which CEOs can safely explore business and personal issues with the guidance of experienced facilitators. Participation in the roundtables provides access to numerous benefits, including:

    • Peer-to-peer learning through discussion, interaction and the sharing of experiences that allow participants to learn from each other’s achievements and mistakes.
    • Support through highly qualified facilitators, expert guest speakers and connection to various small business resources.
    • More on the LED site

    Past testimonials from Roundtable participants: 

    “The CEO Roundtable delivered a platform to listen, learn and interact with fellow business leaders. Here, we could openly discuss real issues we all encountered in operating our businesses and find solutions to bring it to the next level. The CEO Roundtable is a valuable resource that has given me actionable items I was able utilize to continue to grow my business.” – Kerry W. Kirby, 365 Connect, LLC

    “I enjoyed and benefitted from the collaborative culture of the CEO Roundtable meetings. Core business issues are shared, both achievements and setbacks, in a confidential environment among a group of inspired, diverse, executives focused on their unique take on the American dream.” – Roger Juneau, General Hearing Instruments, Inc.

    “The New Orleans CEO Roundtable has helped me broaden my exposure to “Big Business” ideas, from a variety of business fields. As a small business owner I am constantly involved in the day-to- day operations of the company with little time to keep up with the ever-changing technology and resources. The New Orleans networking opportunity has given me exposure to how other small businesses are dealing with changing technology, finances, and business issues. The greatest reward from the Roundtable has been having a sounding board of peers to work with and help implement ideas in my day to day business.” – Jill Foxworth, Dependable Glass Works, Inc.

    We are honored to have been selected to be part of this cohort and can't wait to connect with other business leaders and decision-makers who are doing great things in our state. 

  • Prepare Your Plumbing for Freezing Temperatures

    Winter has arrived in Southern Louisiana and across the South. With freezing temperatures reaching our typically warm, humid climates, many residential homes and businesses are left wondering what to do to combat against potential harm including frozen pipes. Greenup Industries specializes in In-Plant Property Management including Plumbing and Septic Maintence, so we’ve asked our experts for a few tips that might help you when temperatures dip closer to freezing.

    Safeguard Your Pipes
    During freezing temperatues, your pipes are at high risk. If they freeze over, they can somtimes burst causing a lot of financial strain to fix or replace. In order to avoid this, let your sinks drip over night. This helps prevent pipes from freezing. In addition, open cabinet doors to kitchen and bathroom sinks to allow warm air to protect and circulate around plumbing. Keep doors, windows and garages closed during these times, too, to better insulate and warm plumbing.

    freezing pipes gi blog

    Exterior Pipes Need Different Protection
    Spigots and outside pipes and plumbing require a bit of a different approach when preparing to prevent freezing. Wrap outside pipes in small towels and let drip if necessary.

    Prevent Frozen Septic Tanks

    Septic tanks freezing over can be an unimaginable mess for your business or home. To avoid dealing with what could be a severely foul occurrence, take the following precautions. Empty your septic tank. Yes, this is regular maintenance, but not always the first task people jump at when temperatures are already uncomfortably low. If a full tank freezes, this could cause a septic tank to burst. Another thing to consider is cracks and open areas. Be sure to inspect for any potential leaking as this could also invite more liquid to seep into the tank and cause bursting. And of course, keep water moving through the system if possible. Water in motion won’t freeze, so if your business is closed due to inclimate weather, be sure to check back in daily and induce some motion through the system.

    freezing septic tank gi blog

    Greenup Industries is a full service maintenance provider in the the South Louisiana region and across the Gulf South and in Walnut Creek, California. Greenup Industries can help you prepare or fix issues concerning your plumbing. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 225-283-4843.

  • Rodney Greenup joins LA Governor-Elect

    Louisiana Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards will take office on January 11 with major plans to improve on economic development issues. 

    According to The Advocate Capitol News Bureau, Edwards’ transition team announced late in November that Edwards has a group he will work closely with to provide recommendations on economic development issues. Some of these issues include jobs training, research and development at colleges and universities and workforce development.

    “Louisiana has always had a strong workforce and we need to ensure this workforce is attractive to diverse industries, while also responsibly incentivizing business and industry to invest in our state,” Edwards said in a statement. “This committee is critical to our long-term economic stability, and I’m confident they’ll help me develop a plan that is mutually beneficial to the citizens of Louisiana and industry.”

    Greenup Industries President, Rodney Greenup is among the list of standout community leaders who will join Edwards in this major endeavor.  Rodney has more than two decades of experience in the planning and development of civil works projects, both with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) as a Project Manager and other local resource agencies that assess environmental project impacts and mitigation. As the president of Gulf South Engineering and Testing and Greenup Industries, both MBE companies (Minority Owned), he has solid expertise and leadership to offer when the team commences work on improving development issues in the state of Louisiana.

    At Greenup Industries, we have seen Rodney's strong ability to lead a business to major growth and are excited to see what he and the rest of the noteworthy leaders on the team will come up with to better the state of Louisiana's economic development. 

    To learn more, read The Capitol News Bureau's article. For more information about the services Greenup Industries provides throughout the Gulf South, review our list of services


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