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  • Prepare Your Plumbing for Freezing Temperatures

    Winter has arrived in Southern Louisiana and across the South. With freezing temperatures reaching our typically warm, humid climates, many residential homes and businesses are left wondering what to do to combat against potential harm including frozen pipes. Greenup Industries specializes in In-Plant Property Management including Plumbing and Septic Maintence, so we’ve asked our experts for a few tips that might help you when temperatures dip closer to freezing.

    Safeguard Your Pipes
    During freezing temperatues, your pipes are at high risk. If they freeze over, they can somtimes burst causing a lot of financial strain to fix or replace. In order to avoid this, let your sinks drip over night. This helps prevent pipes from freezing. In addition, open cabinet doors to kitchen and bathroom sinks to allow warm air to protect and circulate around plumbing. Keep doors, windows and garages closed during these times, too, to better insulate and warm plumbing.

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    Exterior Pipes Need Different Protection
    Spigots and outside pipes and plumbing require a bit of a different approach when preparing to prevent freezing. Wrap outside pipes in small towels and let drip if necessary.

    Prevent Frozen Septic Tanks

    Septic tanks freezing over can be an unimaginable mess for your business or home. To avoid dealing with what could be a severely foul occurrence, take the following precautions. Empty your septic tank. Yes, this is regular maintenance, but not always the first task people jump at when temperatures are already uncomfortably low. If a full tank freezes, this could cause a septic tank to burst. Another thing to consider is cracks and open areas. Be sure to inspect for any potential leaking as this could also invite more liquid to seep into the tank and cause bursting. And of course, keep water moving through the system if possible. Water in motion won’t freeze, so if your business is closed due to inclimate weather, be sure to check back in daily and induce some motion through the system.

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    Greenup Industries is a full service maintenance provider in the the South Louisiana region and across the Gulf South and in Walnut Creek, California. Greenup Industries can help you prepare or fix issues concerning your plumbing. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 225-283-4843.

  • Safety in our work and across the Gulf South

    The safety regulations at any refinery are extremely important and directly correlated to a staff's level of danger. Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf South is home to a large number of refineries, meaning there are thousands of workers who are at risk of injury for several hours a day. It is our job to make sure our people are safe and Greenup Industries puts safety at the forefront of every job we work on. 

    There are inherent risks present in the industrial industry that must not be overlooked. It takes detail oriented, meticulous teams to provide the proper environment for those working in the refining industry, which is why you don't often hear of major accidents or disasters on sites. Extensive procedures are conducted to manage potential risks all the while keeping operations running smoothly for all workers and the communities that surround these sites. 

    Because of the high safety standards, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports:

    • Refining is one of the safest industrial activities in the US, with fewer worker injuries than sectors such as education, retail sales, and financial services
    • The rate of non-fatal injuries among U.S. refinery workers declined by 36% between 2003 and 2011
    • efiners operate under extensive self-imposed safety measures designed to provide maximum protection to our communities

    Greenup Industries has been recognized for its efforts to keep safety standards a top priority in all of our work and this would not be possible without our team of experts working in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and California. The oil and gas industry could be so much more dangerous, but with crews like ours, negative statistics are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Connect with Greenup Industries for more information about jobs, maintenance services and specialty services

  • The Complexities of Instrumentation

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    As Greenup Industries begins to introduce instrumentation services to clients across the Gulf South, we find ourselves answering questions about instrumentation and the duties technicians take on. As experts in the industry, our trainees learn the ins and outs of the daily tasks onsite.

    Instrumentation technicians are responsible for monitoring changes in the environment and atmosphere surrounding areas and buildings on-site. Using an assortment of instruments, instrumentation technicians record and report the changes they find. Greenup Industries takes instrument technicians for these jobs that require complex understanding and responsibility at refineries.

    There is more to instrumentation than just understanding what tools to use and when. The responsibilities of an instrumentation technician include testing, calibration, installation, repair and inspection. Completing maintenance on equipment, which includes checking meters, measurements and is also required, as well as control. Control requires that the tecnician manipulate measured variables through automated systems, such as temperature, pressure and flow.

    The responsibilities of an instrumentation technician are absolutely vital to process and production at an oil refinery. Troubleshooting and monitoring such complex processes onsite ensures that everything runs smoothly and everyone around is safe. This job is essential to each refinery's and petrochemical plants ongoing success. The day-to-day duties of an instrumentation technician's role is at the forefront of overall production.

    A career in operations in maintenance will afford you the opportunity to advance your professional development in an industry that experiences groundbreaking projects every day. Contact Greenup Industries for more information about our instrumentation services now offered throughout the Gulf South and opportunities in the field.




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