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    Information Technology (IT) is incredibly complex and the operations of your business likely depend a lot on how smoothly your IT is operating. Greenup Specialty Services offers IT services in the New Orleans area to ensure that your businesses online operations run smoothly. However, there are many factors that go into the overall IT in an office and understanding what your business needs are is definitely something to consider.

    If IT is not your area of expertise, we’re here to offer some tips in choosing what is right for your business. First, ask yourself what your company’s most basic IT needs are.

    For example tech support for hardware is an essential part of a company’s day-to-day operations if your staff is using computers, phones, email and software programs both online and offline. Having IT support just a phone call away can save your team hours of frustration and idle time. This is also why reports on how your IT infrastructure is running have become essential. For the last two decades, we’ve moved from mainly offline business transactions to online and this means we are using technology at a higher rate than ever. The introduction of cloud computing, outsourced data services, mobility, telecommunications and more has changed the game and has pretty much forced businesses to stay on top of this technology by implementing these changes when they become adopted by the masses. This change doesn’t mean you have to learn all the ins and outs of the IT world, but it does mean you should probably recruit a team that can, especially when your company is going through other major changes, like moving offices. 

    Of course there are so many more facets that contribute to your full IT infrastructure and needs, but these are just a few points to consider. Greenup Specialty Services has a team of IT professionals in the Greater New Orleans area and across South Louisiana who have been consulting and implementing changes in IT for years. Our team is trained to get to know a company’s overall needs, then move forward with a strong game plan for your company with those needs in mind. Contact Greenup Specialty Services for IT consulting at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 225-283-4843.

  • Greenup Specialty Services: Moving Checklist

    moving office

    Moving is already a hassle, but when it’s your entire business, the stress can be overwhelming. In the midst of keep your operations running, the many tasks that come with moving equipment and furniture to a new space can take up a lot of valuable time. Greenup Specialty Services has you covered. With our commercial moving services you and your team can rest easy and operate with little to no interruption.

    Here are a few things to consider before moving your business to a new space:

    • How many work spaces need to be relocated? The amount of employees that will be moving with you is important to know when planning a timeline. Letting everyone know where they will be setting up is also good-to-know information for them. Sharing a floor plan will help keep everyone on the same page.
    • Are there any drastic changes in everyday maintenance? If your current leasing space includes shared restrooms with other offices in the building, the building owners likely have a dedicated maintenance staff for plumbing, lawn care electrical, etc. Making sure these things won’t change much, if at all, is recommended before even signing a lease.
    • Will you and other employees have access to the office after business hours? Does your team need to be out of the building by a certain time? Consider the time your team spends at the office outside of normal business hours. If they are doing considerable work at times that may be off limits at this new space, consider finding another space for your team to be able to work comfortably and conveniently.
    • Are there public transportation stops nearby? If your city offers public transportation and your employees travel to work this way, then it is important to find a space where they will be able to access these stops.
    • Is there room for your business to expand in the future? THis is an essential part of the planning process. Your team may not see growth now, but considering the possibility in the future is a factor to consider when choosing a new office space.

    Of course there are many more factors to consider before choosing a new home for your business. As stressful as it can be, the actual process of moving your office furniture and equipment will be most taxing and Greenup Specialty Services is here to help you. We also offer IT services that are essential when moving. For a more detailed list of the other services we provide, view our services page and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 225-283-4843.

  • Prepare Your Plumbing for Freezing Temperatures

    Winter has arrived in Southern Louisiana and across the South. With freezing temperatures reaching our typically warm, humid climates, many residential homes and businesses are left wondering what to do to combat against potential harm including frozen pipes. Greenup Industries specializes in In-Plant Property Management including Plumbing and Septic Maintence, so we’ve asked our experts for a few tips that might help you when temperatures dip closer to freezing.

    Safeguard Your Pipes
    During freezing temperatues, your pipes are at high risk. If they freeze over, they can somtimes burst causing a lot of financial strain to fix or replace. In order to avoid this, let your sinks drip over night. This helps prevent pipes from freezing. In addition, open cabinet doors to kitchen and bathroom sinks to allow warm air to protect and circulate around plumbing. Keep doors, windows and garages closed during these times, too, to better insulate and warm plumbing.

    freezing pipes gi blog

    Exterior Pipes Need Different Protection
    Spigots and outside pipes and plumbing require a bit of a different approach when preparing to prevent freezing. Wrap outside pipes in small towels and let drip if necessary.

    Prevent Frozen Septic Tanks

    Septic tanks freezing over can be an unimaginable mess for your business or home. To avoid dealing with what could be a severely foul occurrence, take the following precautions. Empty your septic tank. Yes, this is regular maintenance, but not always the first task people jump at when temperatures are already uncomfortably low. If a full tank freezes, this could cause a septic tank to burst. Another thing to consider is cracks and open areas. Be sure to inspect for any potential leaking as this could also invite more liquid to seep into the tank and cause bursting. And of course, keep water moving through the system if possible. Water in motion won’t freeze, so if your business is closed due to inclimate weather, be sure to check back in daily and induce some motion through the system.

    freezing septic tank gi blog

    Greenup Industries is a full service maintenance provider in the the South Louisiana region and across the Gulf South and in Walnut Creek, California. Greenup Industries can help you prepare or fix issues concerning your plumbing. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 225-283-4843.

  • Rodney Greenup joins LA Governor-Elect

    Louisiana Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards will take office on January 11 with major plans to improve on economic development issues. 

    According to The Advocate Capitol News Bureau, Edwards’ transition team announced late in November that Edwards has a group he will work closely with to provide recommendations on economic development issues. Some of these issues include jobs training, research and development at colleges and universities and workforce development.

    “Louisiana has always had a strong workforce and we need to ensure this workforce is attractive to diverse industries, while also responsibly incentivizing business and industry to invest in our state,” Edwards said in a statement. “This committee is critical to our long-term economic stability, and I’m confident they’ll help me develop a plan that is mutually beneficial to the citizens of Louisiana and industry.”

    Greenup Industries President, Rodney Greenup is among the list of standout community leaders who will join Edwards in this major endeavor.  Rodney has more than two decades of experience in the planning and development of civil works projects, both with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) as a Project Manager and other local resource agencies that assess environmental project impacts and mitigation. As the president of Gulf South Engineering and Testing and Greenup Industries, both MBE companies (Minority Owned), he has solid expertise and leadership to offer when the team commences work on improving development issues in the state of Louisiana.

    At Greenup Industries, we have seen Rodney's strong ability to lead a business to major growth and are excited to see what he and the rest of the noteworthy leaders on the team will come up with to better the state of Louisiana's economic development. 

    To learn more, read The Capitol News Bureau's article. For more information about the services Greenup Industries provides throughout the Gulf South, review our list of services


  • Team Greenup participates in Race for the Cure

    Last week, Team Greenup took part in the 2016 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in New Orleans at City Park. Our team was excited to be participate in such a worthwhile cause together in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 


    The Greenup Industries team has participated in the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in New Orleans for three years now and as our company has grown, so has our involvement in the community and in events like this. Last year, 14 employees and their families and friends joined the fun. This year we had nearly 25 team members show up with their families to support this cause. In the past, we only participated in the race. This year, we set up tents and had people from across the company come out. 

    Niva "Becky" Murillo, came to Greenup Industries President, Rodney Greenup three years ago with the idea to make this a company-wide outing and since then, our team's interest in community events and cause involvement has grown beyond the Race for the Cure. This year, Greenup team members spent their Saturday enjoying each other's company outside of their usual setting in the gorgeous weather with delicious food, drinks and good music. 

    Niva said getting the staff together is a big deal and events like this help keep morale high, lift spirits and allows the team to get to know each other outside of their usual work environment. Staff is invited to join in on festivities and events like this at least once every quarter to stay engaged since Greenup Industries staff is spread out through New Orleans, Gonzales, Baton Rouge and beyond. 

    The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is especially important to our staff, since it hits close to home for many people. Almost everybody knows somebody affected by breast cancer, so it's an organization that everybody is happy to support. 


  • The Importance of Commercial Lawn Care

    In Southern Louisiana and across the South, winter often means we don’t have to focus much energy on lawn care. When considering your commercial business, first impressions are too important, so just because the freezing temperatures we’ve recently had have given us an excuse to focus our efforts on the inside, doesn’t mean we should start planning for the spring. Remember, the first thing clients and customers see when they arrive at your business is the exterior and getting your lawn maintenance booked for next season is a great way to kick off warmers days in the South.

    Importance of Lawn Care Planning

    The way clients and visitors perceive your business can make or break your success. An office/building with properly maintained landscaping ensures positive first impressions to clients and their networks. Those who see a well-maintained exterior will view your business as professional, which only fosters a sense of trust. Whatever services or offerings your business handles, if people see you take pride in the appearance of your business, you want them to think high quality.

    westcoast commercial landscaping

    As always, safety is at the top of our minds at Greenup Industries. When landscaping is unkempt, this poses potential danger to those going through your doors. Taking care of your lawn and landscaping means taking care of your staff, clients and potential customers.

    Save Money
    When you work with a lawn and landscaping business, like Greenup Specialty Services, you’ll get a professional opinion on what your business needs. Working with professionals to establish a budget and recurring maintenance allows you to save money long term. Work with Greenup Specialty Services to determine which types of plants, trees, and other foliage work best in your climate and terrain to avoid having to replace them later. Greenup Specialty Services can discuss and work with you on how to implement a design that works best for your business.

    Establish a Landscape Management Plan
    There are plenty of benefits to establishing a landscape management plan. In addition to the aforementioned, a plan establishes a routine for the commercial landscape maintenance care. This will help you and the property owners prepare for the upcoming seasons and anticipate what type of work needs to be done to keep the outside neat and manicured. A wonderful benefit to having a plan is that you can work with the lawn care service providers to adapt and better the landscaping over time, allowing for strategic cultivation that increases property value.

    commercial landscaping

    Greenup Industries is a full service maintenance provider in the the South Louisiana region and across the Gulf South and in Walnut Creek, California. Greenup Industries can help you prepare or fix issues concerning your plumbing. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at 225-283-4843.

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