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  • OSHA Brings Training to the Next Level

    The processes oil and gas refineries conduct daily requires some of the highest safety standards. Greenup Industries’ highest priority is to uphold these standards for the safety of employees, the environment and quality of work.

    We make sure all the employees we train to work at oil and gas refineries across the Gulf South are well versed in safety regulations, so that they do not put themselves, others or the environment in danger.

    In 2014, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) launched the Hazard Identification Training Tool. This is an interactive training tool in the form of an online game. Workers can learn core concepts of identifying hazards in the workplace by using this tool. What makes it effective is that it allows users to picture themselves in the scenarios and identify right processes from wrong. 

    Workplace dangers are not to be taken lightly and while the game is not tailored to just jobs in the oil and gas industry, it does a great job of outlining the importance of safety in industrial workplaces.

    Here is an oil and gas simulation video made to increase awareness, education, and safety in the oil and gas industry. Watch here. Safety is our number one priority when training newcomers to refinery work in the Gulf South. Contact Greenup Industries to get the best in onboarding and training services for your refineries in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Call our team at 504.491.8998 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



  • Shell, Motiva honor Greenup Industries

    Greenup Industries is honored to receive a safety award from the Norco Manufacturing Complex through Shell and Motiva Enterprises LLC. 

    The award recognized Greenup employees for their outstanding safety and performance of over 120,000 man-hours completed without an injury in 2016.

    “We are honored to be a part of the complex’s history and its ongoing commitment to St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, and the surrounding Gulf Coast region,” said Rodney Greenup, president of Greenup Industries. “Greenup 100 percent supports the complex’s sustained pledge to operate safely, reliably and environmentally sound.”

    Read more about this prestigious honor at BIC Magazine

    BIC May 2017 112

  • The Complexities of Instrumentation

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    As Greenup Industries begins to introduce instrumentation services to clients across the Gulf South, we find ourselves answering questions about instrumentation and the duties technicians take on. As experts in the industry, our trainees learn the ins and outs of the daily tasks onsite.

    Instrumentation technicians are responsible for monitoring changes in the environment and atmosphere surrounding areas and buildings on-site. Using an assortment of instruments, instrumentation technicians record and report the changes they find. Greenup Industries takes instrument technicians for these jobs that require complex understanding and responsibility at refineries.

    There is more to instrumentation than just understanding what tools to use and when. The responsibilities of an instrumentation technician include testing, calibration, installation, repair and inspection. Completing maintenance on equipment, which includes checking meters, measurements and is also required, as well as control. Control requires that the tecnician manipulate measured variables through automated systems, such as temperature, pressure and flow.

    The responsibilities of an instrumentation technician are absolutely vital to process and production at an oil refinery. Troubleshooting and monitoring such complex processes onsite ensures that everything runs smoothly and everyone around is safe. This job is essential to each refinery's and petrochemical plants ongoing success. The day-to-day duties of an instrumentation technician's role is at the forefront of overall production.

    A career in operations in maintenance will afford you the opportunity to advance your professional development in an industry that experiences groundbreaking projects every day. Contact Greenup Industries for more information about our instrumentation services now offered throughout the Gulf South and opportunities in the field.




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  • 100,000+ man hours of safe work
  • 2015 Contractor Safety Award presented by C.A.S.T.
  • Greenup Industries is a Louisiana Licensed Contractor - #60810